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The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities acts as a vital bridge between technical and liberal arts education. Here, students gain a robust foundation in mathematics, physics, Chemistry,communication, and ethics. Our accomplished faculty fosters interdisciplinary thinking and communication skills, ensuring that graduates are not only technically adept but also socially responsible. We promote research, offer career guidance, and encourage  a global outlook. Additionally, community engagement is a core part of our ethos. Join us to experience a well- rounded education that prepares you comprehensively for an engineering career and beyond.

Message from Head of Department

Head of DepartmentThe department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is one of the ancillary department of S.N.Patel Institute of Technology and Research Centre. Equipped with highly qualified faculty. The department strives to persistenly cater the students with the best knowledge in the various disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Management. Eminent academicians share their expertise in assisting the students to tacle Enginerring problems with ease.   Our aim is to bring out excellence among students in the respective disciplines by providing them a depth and thoroughbred knowledge about the basic facts and fundaments among the various streams of Engineering.

Dr. Mansi N. Zaveri


To excel in teaching by building a strong foundation of methodological knowledge and  harmonizing skill in today`s competitive world.


  • To make a strong ground for the potential  engineers by nurturing innovative learning.
  • To create good human resources who do extremely well in their relevant fields.
  • To implant ethical and social commitment that grooms the students to became responsible citizens.

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