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The department of ASH, in perfect conformity and commendable balance, is a department that serves as the bed-rock on which any reputed institute is firmly structured. This becomes a foundation for the professional college that aims at creating dedicated engineers who prove to be authentic pillars that serve as a strong edifice of the nation. The department strives to impart quality education in the area of Applied Sciences (Mathematics,Chemistry & Physics) and Humanities (Communication skills & Management) for the future technocrats of all streams. The ASH Department has sanctioned faculty strength of 10 Assistant Professors. 


To excel in teaching by building a strong foundation of methodological knowledge and harmonizing skill in today’s competitive world "


  • To make a strong groundwork for the potential engineers by naturing innovative learning
  • To create good human resources who do extremly well in their relevant fields
  • To implant ethical and social commitment that grooms the students become responsible citizens

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