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It is a conspicuous fact that the students are the most important stack holders for any educational institute. Alumni are the real ambassadors of the institute to the professional world. Prominent alumni of an engineering institute can play a significant role for industry institute interaction, for career programs, in curricular advisory committee, as mentors, as expert speakers, as employers and in many more modes and forms. An alumnus is considered as a passionate well-wisher of his or her Alma matter.
The SNPIT & RC envisions to support its alumni by creating a candidate pool for industrial requirements, helping them for their career advancements, providing a connecting platform with other alumni and ultimately creating a futuristic and holistic ecosystem. The institute considers its alumni as a strong and important entity to achieve its mission and fulfilling the vision.
The purpose of establishing the association to boost up the alumni towards their future goals as well as connecting link with their college mates, teachers, principal and management. So many times the collective efforts lead us towards unexpected excellence.

Alumni Committee

Dr. Piyush S. Jain
(Committee Head)

Dr. Jaydeepsinh M. Barad

Prof. Hitesh A. Tailor

Prof. Shreyans R. Mahant

Prof. Tejas G. Mistry

Prof. Nikunj M. Ashiyani

Prof. Jagruti R. Boda

Prof. Mayank A. Patel

Sr.No. Name of Committee Member Designation Position
1 Mr. Sankalp Patel Student Alumni Member
2 Mr. Harsh Mahadevwala Student Alumni Member
3 Mr. Arun H. Prajapati Student Alumni Member
3 Mr. Sharad J. Parekh Student Alumni Member
3 Mr. Tej Patel Student Alumni Member
3 Ms. Pratiksha Maheshwari Student Alumni Member

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Alumni Event

Alumni Talk (Mr. Harsh Mahadevwala, Mr. Vishal Prajapati, Mr. VaghaniKenal, Plant Chemist & Mr. Yagnesh Joshi, Relationship Manager)
Alumni Talk (Mr. Sagar Vyas, Mr. Vishal Gohil, Apprenticeship & Mr. Darshan Shah)
Regarding Corporate Work culture
Recent Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Electrical Market
Various field for Civil Engineers in Industry
A knowledge sharing meet addressed by the alumni from Civil Engineering Department, Mr. Chetan Agrahari.
A knowledge sharing meet addressed by the alumni from Civil Engineering Department, Mr. Sanjay Gandhi.
Get together of Mechanical Engineering students. Dissemination of Vision, Mission and awareness about the other terminologies regarding NBA.

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