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07/04/2021Regarding Postponement of Winter 2020 Examination and conduction of remaining Winter 2020 Examination in Online MCQ mode
01/03/2021Instructions for filling the Exam Forms of Bachelor of Engineering SEM 1 Regular (Newly 2020 enrolled students) Winter-2020 Examination.
19/02/2021Postponement of Examination scheduled on 22nd and 23rd February-2021 (Winter 2020)
18/02/2021Postponement of Examination Schedule on 01-03-2021, 02-03-2021 and 03-03-2021(Winter 2020)
03/02/2021Postponement of Examination Schedule on 20-02-2021(Winter 2020)
03/02/2021Instructions for filling the Exam Forms of Winter-2020 Examination BE SEM 3 D2D Regular (For Newly 2020 admitted students) .
17/01/2021Regrading BE Sem-3(DtoD),HM Sem- 1 students Enrollment 2020
17/01/2021GTU – Student portal manual
05/01/2021Regarding Courses/Semester for which Winter-2020 Examination is going to commence from 19/01/2021
23/12/2020Instructions for filling the Exam Forms of Winter-2020 Examination B.Arch SEM 3 (Regular) Winter 2020
23/12/2020Guidelines for Exam Center and Students for Winter 2020 University Theory Examination
22/12/2020Circular regarding refund of the exam fees and term extension fees for the students who have paid the fees and accepted Summer-2020 merit based progression result
17/12/2020Regarding Commencement of Winter - 2020 Examination
16/12/2020Equivalency for Bachelor of Engineering for 4th Semester
16/12/2020Equivalency for Bachelor of Engineering for Semester VI
05/12/2020Personality Development elective in Semester V and VI of Bachelor of Engineering
05/12/2020Instructions for Filling the Exam Forms of Winter-2020 Examination
01/12/2020Regarding Postponement of Winter-2020 Examination till futher orders
27/11/2020Circular for 10th Annual Convocation
27/11/2020Exemption of Personality Elective in Semester V and VI for Diploma to Degree Students of Bachelor of Engineering
07/11/2020Regarding Winter - 2020 University Examination
06/11/2020Exemption of Personality development Elective in Semester V and VI
01/10/2020Clarification regarding Student Detention
02/09/2020Option Selection for Summer 2020 Examination
04/08/2020Circular for Additional online services for students & user manual (Transcript, Migration, Rank, Language, Percentage, Backlog)
30/07/2020Regarding students who were not able to successfully submit their Pre-Check Trial Test
29/07/2020Support Numbers for Students who are going to appear in Online Summer 2020 Examination
29/07/2020UFM Notification For Online Summer 2020 Examination
24/07/2020Extension of last date to select option for Online MCQ exam, Offline exam starting from 17-08-2020 and Special Offline Exam in September 2020 & Guidelines and Important Instructions regarding Online MCQ Summer - 2020 Examination for Students
21/07/2020Option Selection for Summer-2020 Examination
17/07/2020Circular for Mid Year Conferment of Degree, Diploma
16/07/2020Student Guidelines for Online M.E/M.Pharm Dissertation Examination (DP-2 Regular Remedial and DP-1 Remedial)(Summer-2020)
15/07/2020Annual Alumni Web Meet - 2020
13/07/2020Guidelines regarding Online Offline/Special Multiple Choice Osestions (MCO) type Summer 2020 Examination Offline Multiple Choice Questions (MCO)
13/07/2020Schedule of Online Dissertation of M.E. (DP2-Reg./Rem and DP1-Rem.)
01/07/2020Regarding Cancellation of UG/Diploma-Final Semester Summer 2020 Examination for Regular Students
27/06/2020Regarding Remedial & Special term extension students of all semesters of UG/Diploma courses
25/06/2020Regarding Offline Exam Option Selection
23/06/2020Proposed Exam Center for Summer 2020 Examination
20/06/2020Revised last date for selection mode for Summer 2020 Examination
20/06/2020Equivalency for Bachelor of Engineering for 5th Semester
19/06/2020ME : Mid Internal(CEP) Marks Entry for Summer2020 of all Semester
16/06/2020Guideline for Exam center regarding Summer 2020 Examination
16/06/2020Guidelines regarding Online Descriptive type Summer 2020 Examination
12/06/2020Additional Help Desk For Students Regarding Summer 2020 Examination
11/06/2020Open Elective in Semester V, VI and VII.
10/06/2020Examination of Audit Course subjects of ME(Sem-1,2)
09/06/2020Help Desk For Students regarding Summer-2020 Examination
09/06/2020Commencement of Online Classes
07/06/2020Online examination option for Summer 2020 Examination
06/06/2020M.E. Sem-1,2,3 & 4 Theory Exam Timetable- Summer-2020
05/06/2020Choice of examination centres for theory subjects of M.E.
04/06/2020Online Answerbook Viewing M.E.(Semester: 1 to 4) WINTER-2019 exam Guidelines to Apply for Answer Book View
04/06/2020Instructions for filling the Exam Forms of Summer-2020 : M.E. Sem-1(Rem) & Sem-2(Reg/Rem)
04/06/2020Instructions for filling the M.E. Term Extension exam forms of Summer-2020 (Sem-1&2).
04/06/2020Procedure for pre-viva thesis submission of soft copy for M.E./M.Pharm(DP-II) (Applicable only for Summer-2020)
03/06/2020Internal Approval of 100 Activity Points by internal faculty
03/06/2020Sanitizations of the Mind
03/06/2020Instructions for filling the Exam Forms of Summer-2020 : BE (SEM-8) , B. Arch (SEM- 10), B.Plan (Sem-8) and PDDC(Sem-8) Examform_student_guideline
02/06/2020Invitation to visit the Indian Culture portal during COVID-19 lock down
02/06/2020Online Answerbook Viewing BE (Semester: 3,4,5) WINTER-2019 exam Guidelines to Apply for Answer Book View
30/05/2020Guidelines And Instructions Regarding Online Marks Entry For BE (Sem 2, 4, 6 Regular Only) (Summer- 2020)
27/05/2020Recheck/ Reassessment BE sem 1 and 2 Guideline For Students
27/05/2020Guidelines regarding Summer 2020 Examination
21/05/2020Student's online Learning through Video Lectures/Presentations from GTU's YouTube Channel
18/05/2020Exam Schedule For Online Mock Test For Students Of B.E Semester 2, 4 & 6
10/05/2020Public Notice - Redressal of Grievances Related to COVID-19
08/05/2020Online Mock test for students of BE - Semester 2, 4 & 6
08/05/2020GTU Mock Exam-form registration for online Mock Exam of Summer-2020
06/05/2020GTU Sponsored Coursera Courses
04/05/2020AICTE Webinar
03/05/2020Letter for GTU Events Painting, Essay,Poetry
03/05/2020Mobile Based Cloud Video Conferencing competition
03/05/2020Online AWS Workshop
01/05/2020Creative - Kuchh Artistic Karo-Na
29/04/2020Internship Circular
25/04/2020GTU Logo Competition
04/11/2019India Biggest Recruitment Fair launched with 4000+ internships
04/10/2019 Circular for student support certificates through online portal to zone wise & user manual
08/04/2019Circular for Additional online services for students & user manual (Transcript, Migration, Rank, Language, Percentage, Backlog)
08/04/2019Student Application Form
13/02/2019Circular for Additional online services for students & user manual
24/12/2018Circular of online services for students user manual