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Sr.No. Description of Journals
1 Journal of Electronic Design Engineering
2 Journal of Remote Sensing GIS & Technology
3 Journal of Communication Engineering and its Innovations
4 Journal of Signal Processing
5 Journal of Construction and Building Materials Engineering
6 Journal of Information Technology and Sciences
7 Journal of Organic and Modern Chemistry
8 Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Software Testing
9 Journal of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources
10 Journal of Network Security Computer Networks
11 Journal of Mechanical and Mechanics Engineering
12 Journal of Control System and Control Instrumentation
13 Journal of VLSI Design and Signal Processing
14 Journal of Power Electronics and Devices
15 Journal of Civil and Construction Engineering
16 Journal of Electrical and Power System Engineering
17 Journal of Control and Instrumentation Engineering
18 Journal of Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence
19 Journal of Statistics and Mathematical Engineering
20 Journal of Chemical Engineering and Its Innovation
22 International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering, Science & Management
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