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Sr.No. Description of Journals
1 Journal of Transportation Engineering and its Applications
2 Journal of Water Resource Engineering and Pollution Studies
3 Advances in Civil and Structural Engineering
4 Journal of Building and Construction Engineering
5 Journal of Product Design, Quality Engineering & Technology
6 Journal of Thermal Engineering & Technology
7 Journal of Material Science & Manufacturing Technology
8 Journal of Industrial engineering and its applications
9 Journal of computer aided manufacturing and Automation
10 Journal of Inform. technology and Its Applications
11 Journal of Software Engineering & Software Testing
12 Journal of Networking, Computer Security and Engineering
13 Journal of Android , IOS Development and Testing
14 Journal of Renewable energy and Resources
15 Journal of Power Electronics and Drives
16 Journal of Current Trends in Electrical Engineering
17 Recent Trends in Electrical Machines and Drives
18 Journal of Research in Electrical Circuits and Systems
19 Journal of Research in Instrumentation and control Engi.
20 Journal of Research in Applied Chemistry
21 Journal of Engineering Mathematics & Statistics
22 Journal of Research in Physics and Applied Sciences
23 Journal of Environmental Engineering and Studies
24 Journal of Construction and Building Materials Engineering
25 Journal of Civil and Construction Engineering
26 Journal of Geotechnical Studies
27 Journal of Water Resources and Pollution Studies
28 Journal of Transportation systems
29 Journal of Mechanical and Mechanics Engineering
30 Journal of Thermal Energy Systems
31 Journal of Information Technology and Sciences
32 Journal of Network Security and Computer Networks
33 Journal of Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence
34 Journal of Electronic Design Engineering
35 Journal of Remote Sensing GIS and Technology
36 Journal of Embedded Systems and Processing
37 Journal of Control and Instrumentation Engineering
38 Journal of Power Electronics and Devices
39 Journal of Electrical and Power System Engineering
40 Journal of Statistics and Mathematical Engineering
41 Journal Of Construction Management
42 Int.Jour.of Information Technology & Engineering
43 Int.Jour.of Artificial Intelligence & Computational Research
44 Int.Jour.of Manufacturing Science and Engineering
45 Int.Jour.of Production Technology & Management Research
46 Int.Jour.of Wastewater Treatment & Green Chemistry
47 International Journal of Chemical Engineering
48 Int. Jour.of Advance Civil Engineering & Technology
49 Int.Jour.of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engg.
50 International Journal of Advances in Mechanical Engineering
51 International Journal of Geotechnics and Environment
52 Civil Engineering and Construction Review
53 India Today
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