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09/07/2021A Report on Android Technology
07/09/2021A Report on Career Opportunities after Degree Engineering
04/06/2021A Report on Android
03/06/2021A Report on Top 10 Technologies for Computer Science & Engineering Students
01/06/2021 & 05/06/2021A Report on Alumni Talk for Computer Science & Engineering Students
31/5/21 to 12/06/2021A Report on Environmental Auditing and Sample Analysis
29/05/2021A Report on Online Sealing and Hot Tapping to Prevent Plant Shutdown
25/05/2021A Report on Alumni Talk for Chemical Engineering Students
22/05/2021A Report on Logical Reasoning Quiz for competitive Exam Preparation
15/05/2021A Report on Logical Reasoning Quiz for competitive Exam Preparation
08/05/2021A Report on T & P Cell Organised Cat Quiz For All UG PG Students
23/03/2021 to 27/03/2021A Report on Training & Recruitment Awareness webinar series 2021
20/02/2021A Report on Career Opportunities in Mechanical Engineering
20/02/2021A Report on Website Development-Shopping Site Layout Creation
20/02/2021A Report on Concrete - From Construction to Protection as a Civil Engineer
05/07/2017A Seminar on "PHP Framework" by I3infotech, Surat
15/09/2017One Day Workshop on "Memorizing Techniques"
24/01/2018A Report of Seminar on Industrial Automation
02/02/2018One Day Workshop on Basics of Computer Hardware by Hp & Cps Technologies-Surat
05/02/2018One Day Workshop on PHP Technology by Tops Technologies-Surat
22/02/2018A Report on One Day Workshop on Go Language
22/03/2018A Report of One Day National Seminar on Environment
22/03/2018One Day National Seminar on "Environment"
16/04/2018Expert Lecture Delivered by Dr. Pankaj Gandhi
17/04/2018Series of Expert Lectures Delivered by The Honourable Gnfc Executives
25/07/2018Expert Lecture on "Transportation Problems and Optimization Techniques"
26/07/2018 & 27/07/2018A Workshop on "Digital Marketing" by Neeasoft It Services, Surat
10/09/2018Seminar on "Cyber Security and Forensics" by Zoom Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
14/09/2018 & 15/09/2018"Introductory Latex Workshop" by Prof. Harshal Shukla and Prof. Piyush Savaj
24/09/2018Immigration Awareness
06/10/2018Resume Building & Interview Facing
06/10/2018Awarness About Online Application
06/10/2018"Yes I Can"
08/10/2018Execution Process in Construction and Software Used in Project Management
07/01/2019A Seminar on "Python Programing" by Mr. Samadhan Khairnar, Tops Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
07/01/2019A Seminar on "Cyber Security" by Mr. Sahu Shaikh, Tops Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad
08/01/2019Expert Lecture on "Basics of Autocad and Advance Modelling Tool - Autodesk Fusion 360"
19/02/2019Mega Job Fair 2019 Organized by Vidyabharti Trust & Assist. Director (Employment) Office, Surat
25/02/2019Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production
25/3/2019 to 30/3/2019Six Days Workshop on "Role of Automation in Manufacturing: Vertical Machining Centre"
17/07/2019Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd., Surat Placement Drive on 17th July 2019 At Campus
20/07/2019One Day Industrial Visit At "Sumul Dairy", Surat
09/08/2019A Report of Expert Lecture on Getting Ready for Professional Life
21/08/2019Expert Talk by Dr. Pawan Dwivedi
22/08/2019 & 23/08/2019Two Days Workshop on "Introduction to Latex Workshop"
05/09/2019A Report of Seminar on SSIP
05/09/2019A Report of Motivational Talk on Gandhi and Geeta
09/01/2020A Seminar on Awareness About GPSC/UPSC and Other Engineering Competitive Examinations and Opportunities
11/01/2020The Mock Test for Employability Assessment Organized by Training and Placement Cell, SNPITRC.
24/01/2020The Seminar Was Organized in Association with Mayuri Foreign Education.
27/01/2020The Seminar Was Organized in Association with Aspirations Infinite to Make Students Aware About Ielts Examination Pattern, Preparations.
07/08/2019T&P Cell Has Organized Placement Drive of Escrow Infotech
21/08/2019T&P Cell Has Organized Placement Drive of La Net Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
28/08/2019T&P Cell Has Organized Placement Drive of SSM Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
24/09/2019T&P Cell Has Organized Placement Drive of Srkay Consulting Group Llp
28/09/2019T&P Cell Has Organized Placement Drive of Beetonz Infotech
02/11/2019Total 256 Verified Accounts Out of 363 Students Registered on Internshala.
26/11/2019Total 207 Students Are Registered on NCS Portal.
27/02/2020T&P Cell Has Organized Placement Drive of Aashi India Glass Ltd.
02/03/2020 & 03/03/2020Placement Readiness Test Fnat 2020 and Fncode 2020 Conducted for Computer Science Students.
18/04/2020Training and Placement Cell Have Arranged A Webinar on How to Make Most Out of The Lockdown for Students and Faculties
26/04/2020Training and Placement Cell, SNPITRC Is Going to Conduct "Online Self- Assessment Tests Before Placement" for All the Students of SNPITRC. for Registration Click Here: Https://Forms.Gle/Sfh1jzycxgxn8ugy7  
06/05/2020Schedule for "Self-Assessment Tests Before Placements" and List of Registered Candidates. 
07/05/2020Registered Students for "Self-Assessment Tests Before Placements" Need to Join the Classroom Before 9/5/2020. Join Google Classroom Using Invitation Mail Sent on Registered Email of All the Students.
09/05/2020Announcement of Webinar Series by T&P Cell, SNPITRC for All the Students of SNPITRC, Umrakh. for Details Click Here
09/05/2020Self-Assessment Tests Before Placement: Announcement of Series of Examinations
10/05/2020Result of Quantitative Aptitude Test: Part # 1 Date of Examination: 10/5/2020, Time: 4:30 Pm - 5:30 Pm
11/05/2020Result of Quantitative Aptitude Test: Part # 2 Date of Examination: 11/5/2020, Time: 4:30 Pm - 5:30 Pm
12/05/2020Webinar on Opportunities and Challenges in VLSI Industry by Ms. Chandani Dodiya, Marvel Semiconductor, Pune for All the Students of Electronics and Communication Engineering
13/05/2020Webinar on Environment Refinery Management Systems by Mr. Nirav Patel, Deputy Manage in Environment, Nirma Ltd, Ahmedabad for Chemical Engineering Students
13/05/2020Result of Verbal Ability Test Date of Examination: 13/5/2020, Time: 4:30 Pm - 5:30 Pm
14/05/2020Webinar on Python Tools by Vikas Gokhle, IIHT, Surat for Computer Science and Engineering Students
14/05/2020Webinar on Serverless Technology by Sanket Patel, Ex TCSER, Full Stack Java Script Developer for Computer Science and Engineering Students
15/05/2020Result of Logical Reasoning Part # 1, Date of Examination: 15/5/2020, Time: 4:30 Pm - 5:30 Pm
15/05/2020Webinar on Cloud Computing and Aws by Ms. Binni R Gandhi, Iiht, Surat for Computer Science and Engineering Students
19/06/2020Webinar on "Study and Immigrate to Canada" by Mr. Mehul Khakhkhar , Director Vibe Immigration Services Inc,. Ontario, Canada
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