Institute Anti- Ragging Committee

With reference to above, following members are appointed for an anti-ragging committee.

Dr. Piyush S. Jain
(Proctor - Head of the Institution)

Dr. Md.Salman R. Bombaywala
(Member - Faculty Representative)

Mrs. Bijal N. Vyas
(Member - Non Teaching Staff)

Sr.No. Name of Committee Member Role Mobile Email Address
Mr. Vijaybhai Parikh Memeber - Civil Administration Representative 9825106060 -
2 Mr. Rakesh C. Vasava Memeber - Police Administration Representative 9638809178
3 Mr. Pritesh M. Malvi Member - Local Media 8000099911 -
4 Mr. Ayush Parmar Member - NGO 9825541319
5 Mr. Sanjaykumar Fase Member - Parents Representative 9824158390
6 Mr. Gauravkumar S. Gamit Member - First Year Student Representative 9081125835
7 Mr. Jaykumar S. Chaudhari Member - Senior gStudent Representative 6351574662
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